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Welcome to Kyoto

Konnichi wa! Welcome to Find the perfect hotel in this ancient capital of Japan, laid out in a Chinese-style grid and surrounded by low mountains.

Discover Kyoto's neighborhoods. This is a vast city, so find out if you will arrive by JR train or the Hankyu or Keihan regional lines. For those seeking a traditional Japanese experience, consider a ryokan or small hotel near Gion and the Buddhist temples of the Higashiyama ward (on the east side).

We look forward to showing you budget, boutique and luxury hotels in Kyoto, Japan!


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Insider Travel Tips

  • 3 types of bullet trains (shinkansen) run between Kyoto and Tokyo. "Nozomi" takes only 2 hours 20 minutes, with 3 stops. "Hikari" makes 9 intermediate stops and "Kodama" is slowest with 14 stops.
  • Best to reserve seats on bullet trains during commuter hours & holidays. Go to a "green window" (midori no madoguchi) at major JR stations. Note: each train has 3 cars of unreserved seats at front or back.